Jo's Drystone Walling

Farsley  Cherry Trees Project. 2015.  Existing walls rebuilt and stone monoliths marking entrance to new housing development on the curent Cherry Trees Estate.  Working with David Griffiths and John Downie

Repair of Garden wall Renton Avenue Guiseley.

Adjoining walls at two properties in Mount Pleasant in Guiseley.  One was an uncomplicated garden wall, whilst the other incorporated a new gateway comprising two new stone gateposts weighing approximately a quarter tonne each, which were sourced locally, then manually manoeuvred into place using the traditional method of rollers and manpower (with help fromJohn Downie) 

A 50 metre wall was rebuilt at Yeadon Convent in 2013/14.  A new 10 metre wall was alsoconstructed adjoining the main wall at the rear of the property